I am jiaxi yang,
a product designer.
As a product designer, I am good at ideating from research findings, wireframing, prototyping (both in 2D and 3D), self-critiquing and iterating. As a team member, I am good at understanding needs and difficulties of different members, promoting project progress, and leading meaningful and engaging discussion. I seek to utilize my design thinking, technical expertise, multidisciplinary perspective to design user-centered products.


I originally come from Beijing, China, and came to the US in 2016 for college.

During my four-year study at New York University, I found my passion in Game Design, and at the same time explored lots of different domains including Philosophy, Art History, Media Studies, Animation, Marketing, and Music Composition. These exploration aroused my curiosity in the variety of ways and purposes that human interact with technology, ranging from entertainment (games), production (visual effects and music technology), and work (office tools used in marketing), to education (digital tools for art history) and communication (media studies).

My interest in general interaction design was further deepened after a game demo that I made for a friend with mental health problems successfully relieved some of her stress dealing with personal issues and social lives. This precious experience motivated me to use my design expertise for interaction design in a broader sense --- design that can help people in ways not limited to entertainment.
Therefore, after graduated from New York University in May 2020, I enrolled in the Human-Computer Interaction master program at Georgia Institute of Technology. At Georgia Tech, I was able to participate and lead many meaningful projects in various domains, including mHealth, collective creativity, accessible education, eco-friendly lifestyle, and medical safety. I have been deliberately picking projects that are challenging and innovative since I believe that school is the safest place to make mistakes. And I have never been more glad that I did so --- I got to work with very different user groups, try out many design approaches, and solve problems that I have never thought about in the past. These experience not only expanded my horizon, but also taught me one of the most important lessons I have learned as a Product Designer: never assume what my users think and want base on personal experience, no matter how well I think I know them.

In short, my 6 years of higher education has been a true interdisciplinary experience, which granted me the ability to effectively, efficiently, and enjoyably communicate and work with different people across industries and cultures. I have become a more active and open thinker and a better cross-functional team player thanks to these experiences.
In my spare time, I like to sketch, ski, travel, play video games, listen to music, solve puzzles, workout, and model for my fashion designer friends. I still occasionally create some 3D art. You can check out my work as Tech Artist from the "Tech Art" tab above or click the link below.
I know you are expecting me to talk about my pets, but my favorite animals are Cheetahs, Owls, and Killer Whales, and unfortunately I can not own any of them : ) However, I am planning on adopting a cheetah in near future from an NGO called Cheetah Experience (Check it out!)