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I am Jiaxi Yang, a Beijing New York Atlanta-based Interaction Designer with a background in Game Design. I graduated from New York University with a BFA degree in game design in May 2020, and I am currently enrolled in the MS-HCI program in Georgia Institute of Technology. My goal is to create enjoyable experience for multiple platforms and for everyone.

Throughout the years, I have been doing interdisciplinary work with different people around the globe. As a designer, developer, and artist, my goal is to create interactive experiences that has functionality, usability, inclusivity, and beauty. My interest of subjects include building creative tools, mobile health, mixed-reality interactions, and immersive entertainment.

In my spare time, I like to sketch, listen to music, play video games, solve puzzles, and workout. I know you are expecting me to talk about my pets, but my favorite animals are Cheetahs, Owls, and Killer Whales, and unfortunately I can not own any of them : ) However, I am planning on adopting a cheetah in near future from an NGO called Cheetah Experience (Check it out!)

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If you are interested in me as aTechnical Artist, click here.

Artificial Elf (Photoshop)
Kusanagi Motoko (Photoshop)
Anatomy Studies (Ink)
Male Figure Study (Pencil)
Werewolf Re-design(Photoshop)